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Great With Negotiations

I have known Gina Salyer for 30 years.  If you are thinking about listing your home or buying your dream home I would highly recommend Gina as she helped us with both at the same time.  We sold our home that we thought we would live in forever in a week because we relocated to a new city.  We had found our next dream house but had a difficult seller to deal with and Gina was great both negotiating and communicating with us and the sellers agents over many different issues.  There are many unique situations  that can arise as deals are closing and you are dealing with agents, buyers and sellers.   Gina was great in handling all the negotiations and her due diligence paid off as we were able to close the deal. In our situation it wasn't the competence alone that helped seal the deal but also the interpersonal relationship with us, the seller and the sellers agent. Gina's integrity, patience and grace were a huge plus in our experience. All in all,  in both the selling of our home,  and the  purchasing of our new dream home in a new city there were win-win situations.  Therefore I highly recommend Gina for your residential real estate needs. 

Mary-Beth Dunn